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Spirit of the Lord

Elder Council

Apostle Dr. Sharon Scott- Senior Pastor

Worship Deliverance & Healing Centers, Intl


Prophetess Sharon Scott has been appointed, anointed, and ordained by God.  She has been given a prophetic message of truth for this end time for the Body of Christ.  God spoke to her and gave her this charge:

“Go forth as an end time John the Baptist.  Preach repentance and prepar the way for my return.  Minister deliverance and set the captives free.”

Part of this call is to minister to women from all walks of life.  God has anointed her to bring forth women’s conferences locally and to take them abroad.  God has displayed His power in demonstration by signs, wonders, and deliverance in conferences such as:  “Come Fill my cup” (2004); “The Woman with the Issue” (2005); “A Wise Woman Builds Her House” (2006); “Ladies, It’s Time to Unveil” (Women's Teas-2008); “You Don’t Know the Cost of my Oil” (2007); “It’s Not without Price” (2008); and “Touched by Life, Driven by Purpose (2010)”  To God be the Glory!  

Prophetess Scott has been married for 20 blessed years to Apostle I.V. Scott, Sr. They are the pastors of Spirit of the Lord Worship & Deliverance Centers, International of Manassas, VA.  They have three children:  Carlton, Ivan, Jr., and Ivory; two daughters in-law:  Takeysha Hogan and Te'kiesha Scott; and six grandchildren: Carlton, Jr., Carlton, III., Carlton, IV, Cheyenne, Arianna, and Talia

Prophetess Scott’s deepest desire is that all may know Christ.